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At Alaise Taylor we focus on bespoke clothing; made by us, for you. Our purpose is to encapsulate your individual aesthetic, adding bespoke tailoring to both every day and business wear.

Whilst most tailors focus solely on formal wear for business, weddings and black-tie events, Alaise Taylor seeks to make you look your best no matter what the occasion, whether it’s for a formal event or smart-casual wear. As such we have separated our product range into formal and casual wear. This approach allows us to uphold the Alaise Taylor mantra that high-quality tailored clothing should be accessible to all those who truly care about their wardrobe. That’s why we offer garments from a range of sources and with a variety of production techniques, catering to both your budget and the occasion you want to dress for.

Offering garment production through a variety of locations, depending upon your preference, Alaise Taylor produces formal and casual wear from the highest quality tailoring workshops in England, Italy and overseas. This varied approach to garment manufacturing allows us to benefit from the differences in each region’s approaches to tailoring. For instance, English tailoring tends to be more structured with heavier linings, lending itself well to creating a solid silhouette ideal for formal occasions.

Italian production is less structured, producing a more relaxed garment and resulting in the effortless ‘sprezzatura’ that Italian dressers are famed for throughout the world.With each production location offering bespoke and fully handmade options, each with its merits (or drawbacks) depending on your personal preference, Alaise Tylor offers a variability that is valuable when crafting a distinct look. While bespoke production produces exquisitely fitted garments with a symmetry and consistency that most prefer, a fully handmade garment has an idiosyncratic character that simply can’t be found off-the-peg or on machine-finished clothing.Fear not, our first appointment will be dedicated to deciding which production style and site of origin is best suited to you

Formal Wear

Formal Wear

Our formal line focuses on making you look equally as good at work as it does at special occasions, whether that be at a wedding, black-tie event or formal function. We make two, three and four-piece suits as well as shirts of an unrivalled standard.

In addition to the usual tailoring staples we also make formal outwear for both winter blizzards and summer showers. And let’s not forget shoes, which we offer in myriad leather and suede options.

Casual Wear

Casual Wear

Alaise Taylor is not known solely for its formal line. We make more casual garments to go alongside your formal clothing, allowing you to express your individual, sartorial character every day of the week. Whether you have a penchant for unique blazers, would like some tweed pieces for country sports, or are more interested in selvedge jeans, we excel at helping customers to stand out on ‘dress down days’.

Our latest addition to the Alaise Taylor casual range is our new production line of casual shoes. Dressed-down derbys, suede loafers and smart trainers are all available, made-to-measure, to ensure you look your best no matter what the dress code!

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